World Kidney Day March 8, 2018

Kidneys: Astonishingly unnoticeable

A person can lose up to 90% of their kidney function before experiencing any symptoms. Only when typical signs such as swollen ankles, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and decreased appetite show up do they notice that something is wrong*.

That is why prevention, in the form of a healthy lifestyle together with regular care e.g. in one of B. Braun's renal care centers, is very important. On the occasion of today's International World Kidney Day, we at B. Braun want to draw attention to easy and appropriate preventative behaviors and risk factors. And we want to reassure patients, their families and friends that one can live a full life, even with kidney disease.

5 preventative behaviors to keep your kidneys healthy

Make sure you drink enough fluids: We often forget to drink enough fluids during work. This is especially true for older people. Remember to drink fluids over the course of the day, every day.

Watch your sugar intake: Balanced nutrition is essential for everyone. Healthy food options and an appropriate diet provide the nutrients you need to lead an active life, and to maintain healthy body weight. Please pay close attention to your sugar intake.  For example, the fructose in soft drinks can easily lead to obesity.

Regular exercise can improve your health: Physical exercise helps to maintain or to improve general health. These activities can be part of your normal routine, such as housework, gardening or walking to work. They can be part of a planned exercise program as well. Here, you should pay attention to cardiovascular sports such as jogging, swimming or cycling.

Stop smoking. It can damage your kidneys: Smoking has been proven to be unhealthy. Many people already know that smoking can cause harm to the lungs and the cardiovascular system. However, fewer are aware of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on the kidneys.

Screening tests are important: Often, people can feel healthy, but still be suffering from a serious illness. This is especially the case during the early stages of a disease. Go to the doctor regularly and have your urine and blood checked. If an illness is detected at an early stage, treatment options are much better. Depending on the circumstances, even serious illnesses can be cured.


by Claudia Siebert 

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