Annual Report  A person is the focus

On feeling home, happy and healthy

Barb from Eagle Grove, Iowa is the face of this year’s Annual Report. She has something essential in common with B. Braun.

As a company, B. Braun is primarily concerned with people – with protecting and improving their lives and their health. If you were to ask Barb what is important to her in life, she would tell you that it is people. She loves and cares for the relationships with her family members, friends and neighbors. “It makes me happy if I can contribute something to helping my fellow human beings lead a fulfilling life.” In this Annual Report, she gives us a peek into her life. She tells us about her daily routine, her family and about the joy of aging.

“Eagle Grove isn't just the place where I live. Eagle Grove is my home.”

She lives in Eagle Grove, a small town in the middle of Iowa, together with her husband, Tim. This is where they raised their three children and where they now, as retirees, spend time with their three grandchildren. Barb’s ancestors emigrated to the United States from Norway in 1881 and helped to found Eagle Grove. She grew up on one of the two farms that they built back then. And today she lives just 100 steps away.
“If you look at it that way, I haven’t gotten very far in life, but that doesn’t bother me at all,” says Barb and laughs. For her it is a blessing to live in a small community where people participate in each other’s lives. She also loves the surrounding nature, the peace and the flat landscape. “Nowhere else is the sky so big – and so red when the sun rises.”

Barb likes to spend time outdoors. With her dog, on the golf course or sledding and frolicking around with her grandchildren. Her active lifestyle is good for her. She and Tim cook a lot of vegetables – preferably from their own garden – and every morning she gets on the treadmill.

“I know not to take my health for granted.”

 “Sometimes I wake up in the morning, stretch and can hardly believe that nothing hurts. I know not to take that for granted. And I also know that I don't just have God, fate or myself to thank for it, but also modern medicine.”

Barb has always been fascinated with medicine: While other girls dreamed of becoming movie stars, she played doctor with her puppets and dreamed of one day becoming a nurse. As it happens, she enthusiastically practiced this profession for 31 years. And she is still actively involved in the health care field, but also in social projects or in the neighborhood assistance program of her congregation. She and Tim regularly deliver “Meals on Wheels,” for example.

“Tim is my soul mate and best friend. We have a lot in common even though we are completely different. He makes me laugh every day and I think he brings out the best in me. Maybe I do that for him too – I hope so anyway.”