Pneumatic high speed power system

HiLAN XS – the pneumatic high speed power system for neurosurgery and spine.

  • Extremely thin shafts for improved visibility to the operation site
  • Completely keyless operation
  • Simple burr and handpiece correlation by ring coding
  • Safety stop preventing inadvertent activation
  • 100,000 rpm
  • No intraoperative lubrication required
  • Titanium motor housing
  • Compatible with low speed systems and cranial perforator
  • Suitable for mechanical cleaning

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Power, reliability and flexibility
> HiLAN XS, HiLAN, microLAN - Integration of high and low speed
> The pneumatic system for all applications in microsurgery


Recommended pressure for all pneumatic Aesculap Systems is 6-10 bar, 85-145 psi (technical information at 6 bar).