B. Braun Indonesia Participates in Joint Steps to Support National Blood Supply

Joint Steps to Support National Blood Supply

4 July 2023 – B. Braun Indonesia supports efforts to address shortage of national blood bag stock through blood donation awareness and drive.

In 2022 in Indonesia, there is a shortage of national blood bag stock which causes hemodialysis patients to experience difficulties in undergoing the therapy process. This was due to the pandemic conditions in previous years which had hampered blood donation activities. As a result, the stock of national blood bags experienced a scarcity that threatened many lives.

As an effort to support national blood bag stock, B. Braun Indonesia also held a series of activities to commemorate World Blood Donor Day in June 2023. The first activity held was socialization around blood donation. The socialization entitled "Recognize the Benefits of Blood Donation for the Body and Humanity" was successfully held online on June 13, 2023, with speakers dr. Gesti Rahmania, as the Head of Blood Services of the Indonesian Red Cross (“PMI”) Sukabumi. This socialization aims to raise awareness among B. Braun Indonesia colleagues regarding the facts and myths about blood donation, how the blood process is managed to become stock at the Blood Bank, and its benefits for the continuity of body health. It is hoped that colleagues who have participated in this socialization can pass on the information obtained to the wider environment so that the impact can inspire the surrounding community to dare to donate blood without hesitation.

The commemoration of World Blood Donor Day was followed by a blood drive on June 15th, 2023, at the Tempo Scan Tower, where the Head Office of B. Braun Indonesia is located. B. Braun Indonesia succeeded in inviting fellow tenants at the Tempo Scan Tower to join the humanitarian movement to collect the blood bags. More than 160 donors attended the blood screening process, and more than 80 blood bags were collected. Collaborating with PMI Sukabumi, the blood stock obtained will then be further processed to become blood bank stock at health facilities throughout Indonesia. The hope is that the blood bags obtained can help improve the standard of living of people in need, as well as stimulate good habits for colleagues to donate blood. The blood donation activity, in which all Tempo Scan Tower colleagues were invited, is a routine activity which was hampered due to the pandemic. Tenant colleagues at the Tempo Scan Tower showed their appreciation for the Blood Donation organized by B. Braun Indonesia. It is hoped that more similar collaborative humanitarian activities can take place to maximize the value provided to the public.

This series of activities is a manifestation of B. Braun's commitment to presenting a sustainable work environment and positively contribute to health, the environment and people's standard of living. As a family company that operates globally, B. Braun will continue to be committed to efforts to protect and improve the health of people around the world, through smart solutions and the use of technology, as well as implementing the principles of sustainability in every business process.

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