HHEA: a Global Initiative to Promote Hand Hygiene and Reduce HAIs

HHEA: a Global Initiative to Promote Hand Hygiene and Reduce HAIs

Hand hygiene is crucial in healthcare settings to prevent infections. Despite its importance, many healthcare workers don't adhere to recommended practices, leading to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The World Health Organization (“WHO”) reports that HAIs are a significant global health issue, affecting millions annually.

They are more prevalent in developing countries and intensive care units. These infections also burden health systems and society economically due to extended hospital stays and additional interventions. To combat this, WHO launched the Hand Hygiene in Health Care campaign in 2009. It provides guidelines and resources for improving hand hygiene practices and reducing HAIs. The campaign also initiated the Hand Hygiene Excellence Award (“HHEA”) in 2010 to honor healthcare facilities that excel in hand hygiene promotion.

The HHEA is a global initiative open to all healthcare facilities implementing WHO's hand hygiene improvement strategy. It has received over 300 applications from more than 50 countries since its inception, awarding over 100 facilities. The winners serve as role models for other facilities aiming to improve their hand hygiene practices. B. Braun, a global provider of medical and pharmaceutical products, supports and sponsors the HHEA. The company offers high-quality, cost-effective solutions for various healthcare needs and has been committed to patient and health worker well-being for over 180 years. 

As family owned company that is run professionally, B. Braun is committed to presenting various initiatives to improve people's lives through hand hygiene. On November 1st, 2023, global hand hygiene experts, Prof. Didier Pittet and Prof. Sasheela visited one of the finalists of HHEA Asia Pacific in Indonesia. The evaluation of numerous aspects of hand hygiene in hospitals includes policies, procedures infrastructure, education, and training. Those requirement audit findings will determine the HHEA winner for the Asia Pacific region. The commitment of B. Braun Indonesia is demonstrated by the success of three Indonesian hospitals: Sardjito General Hospital, Premier Jatinegara Hospital, and Siloam Surabaya Hospital, which were previous winners of the HHEA. As the HHEA journey progresses, B. Braun Indonesia continues to stand as the prime collaborator for any Indonesian Hospital seeking to participate in the HHEA and strive for victory.

Statement from Prof. Didier Pittet, Global Hand Hygiene Expert:

HHEA is like a football world cup, and HHEA finalists are the best-chosen hospitals from among the many participating participants, so hospitals that are included as finalists must be proud because they are the best in their respective regions.

Statement from Sales Saputro, Product Manager B. Braun Indonesia:

We hope that the visit of these experts can be an inspiration for other health facilities in Indonesia to further improve hand hygiene compliance. This is our commitment to protect and improve public health around the world
B. Braun Indonesia sees this exhibition as a good opportunity to find the most innovative solutions for customers and business partners in protecting and improving the health of people around the world.

Prof. Didier Pittet (left), and Prof. Sasheela (right), visitted HHEA Indonesian participant

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