B. Braun Indonesia Supports Neurosurgeons Through Digital Surgical Microscope Platform

B. Braun Supports Neurosurgeons in Indonesia Through Digital Surgical Microscope Platform

14 July 2023 – B. Braun supports Indonesia neurosurgeons through its digital surgical microscope platform, Aesculap Aeos®. B. Braun’s investment in its latest product is in line with the Indonesia Minister of Health strategic framework on Digital Transformation in Indonesia Healthcare for 2024 which refers to all medical aspects.

Aesculap Aeos® is dedicated to the true pioneers of surgery to bring better vision, ergonomics, and efficiency. Each unit is assisted by a whole team of skilled service technicians to maintain its performance — ensuring that neurosurgeons can focus entirely on their high-precision work.

In neurosurgery, where a few millimeters can decide between health and disability, proper vision means everything. Conventional optical microscopes have supported the work of surgeons for many decades to date. However, there is limitation in the view of conventional optical microscopes, and the hands of a neurosurgeon can’t treat what his eyes can’t see. Since the view is limited, neurosurgeons need to bend over the eyepiece, and keep adjusting their view to achieve good visualization — an exercise that can take many hours. The practice leads to non-ergonomic, unnatural, and uncomfortable postures that cause severe neck and back pain. If prolonged, these conditions might compromise their performance, which further underscores how having a microscope that allows good vision and better ergonomics is key to success in neurosurgery.

Also present to support this transformation initiative were: Prof. Sri Maliawan, M.D, Ph.D, FICS. as Neurosurgery Study Program Coordinator of Medical Faculty of Udayana University; Alicia Hellstern as Business Development of B. Braun Regional Asia-Pacific, and Dedi Suryawan as Head of Surgery and Interventions of B. Braun Indonesia.

Neurosurgery Study Program Coordinator of Medical Faculty of Udayana University, Prof. Sri Maliawan, M.D, Ph.D, FICS, stated:

Good healthcare systems go hand in hand with advanced healthcare technologies. Technology requires highly skilled engineers that develop solutions for current challenges. We are delighted to see that B. Braun is committed in this part by supporting Indonesian Neurosurgeons with the availability of its newest digital microscope in Indonesia. The challenge and limitation of optical microscopes will be effectively addressed by Aesculap Aeos®. Moreover, the digital transformation can contribute to improved patient outcomes, increased efficiency, cost savings and better data management.

Business Development of B. Braun Regional, Alicia Hellstern, stated:

At B. Braun Aesculap, we have more than 150 years of experience in the healthcare industry, always with a strong focus on understanding the challenges and demands of our customers. With our state-of-the-art digital surgical microscope platform Aesculap Aeos®, we’re now introducing the next generation surgical visualization system. This innovative approach helps to overcome the challenges of conventional technology and lays the foundation for even better healthcare. Aesculap Aeos® stands for efficient 3D heads-up surgery where the surgeon can see more and stand tall during surgery. The robotic functions of the forward-looking digital system improve the overall workflow and we’re very happy that the Aesculap Aeos® is now available for neurosurgeons in Indonesia.

Head of Surgery and Interventions of B. Braun Indonesia, Dedi Suryawan, stated:

B. Braun Indonesia as a partner to the Indonesian Healthcare ecosystem, Indonesian government, professional societies, and healthcare providers, is committed in supporting the development of the Healthcare services. Not only always providing the best solutions, we are also committed in manpower development in Healthcare through collaboration with teaching Institutional bodies and medical profession associations. We are also investing in technical capabilities of our Indonesian technical services team to have a global standard service to be performed in Indonesia. Our Indonesian technical support team capability allows us to launch high technology products in Indonesia.

The Aesculap Aeos® allows for a more efficient workflow thanks to its robotic-assisted features along with a remarkable vision quality. Assisted or automated positioning, superior depth of field and wider field of view are only some aspects that contribute to reduced interaction with the microscope, hence allowing neurosurgeons to completely focus on the task at hand. We are committed to introduce groundbreaking Digital Surgical Microscopy technology to neurosurgical operating rooms. Every day, neurosurgeons give their best in the operating room to help patients, and we give our best to support their delicate and precise work with the development of valuable products.

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