B. Braun Indonesia helps recover dialysis and infusion therapy in Palu

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B. Braun Indonesia helps recover dialysis and infusion therapy in Palu

The earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit the city of Palu in late September 2018 caused damages to people's homes, infrastructures, and social facilities. B. Braun Indonesia took the initiative to join in post-disaster forces by restoring the hemodialysis and infusion therapy which was stopped due to the damage.

It started with delivering 100 packages of hemodialysis disposable products to the Regional General Hospital of Anutapura in the city of Palu through PT Dos Ni Roha as the distributor on October 10th, 2018. The disposable products will be delivered continuously until the hospital can order it independently.

Next, with the collaboration from the Geologist, Unit of Installation of Hospital Facilities and Infrastructure of Anutapura Hospital, the construction of a well for hemodialysis units began. At the same time, the water treatment units and its materials related to the piping process were delivered with the help of the Indonesian Air Force. The delivery was successfully received in Anutapura Hospital on October 12, 2018, and directly installed by the technician team.

B. Braun Indonesia was also supported in the assembling of partitions and pipe coverings and electricity to support the hemodialysis therapy process. The building of water treatment infrastructure still continues until today to ensure its system is working properly. Finally, hemodialysis therapy can be recovered at Anutapura Hospital on October 22, 2018. Patients now can continue the hemodialysis therapy after the earthquake and tsunami disaster that occurred.