From a supplier to a global player

In more than three decades of sharing expertise in the Indonesia, B. Braun has successfully established itself as a reliable partner and provider of health care products and services.

1980sB. Braun has penetrated Indonesia market by distributing its products through a local distributor company named Penta Vallent.
1989B. Braun had an agreement with Penta Vallent to establish a company named PT Buminusantara Bestariperkasa, as the sole distributor of B. Braun in Indonesia.
2000Changing in the stakeholders of PT Buminusantara Bestariperkasa and becoming a multinational company.  
2001The company became the subsidiary of B. Braun German in 2001 and changed its name into PT B Braun Medical Indonesia with a Representative Office in Jakarta.
2009B. Braun start investing in large volume parenteral (LVP) manufacturing.
2017Braun Indonesia LVP plant received industrial license from Ministry of Health. The plant is inaugerated by the Minister of Health and Asia Pacific President Mrs. Anna Maria Braun.
2018Commercial production is planned to begin at Karawang LVP plant.